• Winter Term 2021/2022
    Erasmus University Rotterdam

    • Seminar: Applied Behavioural Economics
      Graduate Level
    • Supervision of Bachelor’s & Master’s Theses
  • Winter Term 2020/21
    Burgundy School of Business, Dijon

    • Lecture: z-Tree unleashed
      Graduate Level
    • Lecture (part of a seminar series): Topics in Experimental Finance
      Graduate Level
  • Winter Term 2017/18
    Teaching Assistant: University of Innsbruck

    • Supervision of Bachelor’s Theses
    • Tutorial: Introduction to Microeconomics 
      Undergraduate Level
  • Summer Term 2015
    Teaching Assistant: LMU Munich

    • Colloquium: Experimental Research in Economics
      Undergraduate Level
  • 2014 – 2016
    Teaching Assistant: MELESSA, LMU Munich

    • Introduction to z-Tree
      Bachelor-, Master, and PhD level